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Production Cycle and Process.


The Production Cycle in our company is highly organized and we follow a linear line of production keeping in mind complete procedures of an Well Organized and Efficient production system. We have incorporated various methods in production for complete tracking and transparency at various stages of production.


The Production cycle comprises from Yarn Storage -- Production of Socks -- Finished Product dispatch.


Yarn storage :

We have built our Yarn Storage inside our factory building and which is built on the lines of complete tracking system and easily traceable procedures. The yarn storage is built to take up more than 120 days of Stocks required for production and it’s a complete de-marked zone which is accessible to only Authorized representatives. Different types and quality of yarn can be stored separately without getting mixed. The Yarn is sourced Domestically as well as Internationally also. All yarns are sourced keeping in mind the International yarn quality standards. Our company is an Certified OEKOTEX Class 1.


Designing & Sampling :

We have Implemented and developed a complete In-House Designing team which is well experienced to develop any design and produce the same keeping in line with all Quality parameters. Our lead time for sampling is 4 working days. The Designing team is actively involved in doing various R&D for developing new products in terms of efficiency , durability and commercial viability.



We have developed an in-built and well experienced team of Quality checkers. The Quality systems are implemented in the complete production cycle comprising from Yarn Storage – Production of Socks – Finished Product Dispatch. We have got quality check points at all levels which helps us in reducing the rejections and gives us complete tracking of the product quality at every stage of production .



We have an in-house quality testing laboratory for various tests to be carried on the yarn and finished product. The quality parameters are being strictly checked and monitored in this laboratory ensuring correct and desired product to be produced and shipped. In Our Laboratory we can carry out the below test :


Yarn Count , Colour matching , Mositure Test in Yarn and Socks , Yarn strength test, Colour Bleeding ( Wet wash & Dry Rub ) , Perspiration test, Pilling , Stretch test.


Production Stage 1 : KNITTING :

We have installed 500 no’s of New Brand Latest Italian Machines for Knitting of Socks , This is the only company in INDIA which has got these many & type of machines and all are under one single Knitting hall.


The Machinery is fully Computerized and State of Art Technology which is capable of Producing all Kind of Socks consisting of Cushions, Half-Cushions, Arch-Supports , Ribs , etc … The Installed Capacity of production is 4 MILLION PAIRS PER MONTH…


Production Stage 2 : LINKING :

This stage of production enables to seam the toe of the socks. We have installed around 35 no’s of AUTO LINKING MACHINES and 21 no’s of MANUAL LINKING MACHINES. The Installed Capacity of Production together in both the types of linking method is 4.5 MILLION PAIRS PER MONTH..


Production Stage 3 : STEAM PRESS :

This stage of production enables to Steam press the product in the correct shape and size. We have installed the Latest STEAM PRESS machines and we are the 1st in INDIA to import machines which generates steam using the Electrical Boilers in-turn a small initiative taken by our company towards GREEN TECHNOLOGY. We have installed 9 no’s Steam Press machines with an Installed capacity of 4 MILLION PAIRS PER MONTH...


Production Stage 4 : PAIRING & PACKING :

This stage of production enables to pair the socks and pack the socks as per the requirement of the customer. This stage of production involves manual workforce. We have an in-built experienced team of packers to do the desired way of packing. The packing capacity complements with the capacity installed at various stages of production.


Additional Process : WASHING :

We have installed Different types of Washing machines for Normal Water wash , Hot Water Wash, Steam Wash. The Machines are also capable of Treating the product with different kinds of Chemical treatment such as Softner, Anti-Bacterial , Aloe-vera, Purista, Sanitized etc … The Installed Capacity is complementary to the installed knitting capacity.

Categories of Socks we can Produce :


We are specialized in manufacturing socks for Infants, Kids, Woman’s and Men’s keeping pace with latest trends , colors and designs in different compositions like


1. Cotton + Elasthane ( Nylon or Polyester )
2. Organic Cotton + Corespun
3. Wool + Elasthane
4. Bamboo Yarn + Elasthane
5. Pima Cotton + Elasthane
6. Arcylic + Elasthane
7. Gassed Mercerised Cotton + Elasthane




Only company in India to provide our esteemed customers with a bouquet of socks ranging from. . .

Largest manufacturer of socks in India having fully computerized Italian brand new machines.

Only company in India to produce socks using EB technology.

Factory building constructed in the lines of WHO standards with a concept of “GREEN BUILDING”.

Design Studio with dedicated 6 machines having one machine of each needle count.
Faster turn round of samples.
In house design team trained at Italy...more+
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